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About Ashima

an alchemy of life and inspiration

The Ashima Collective exists at the intersection of art and design. A group of artists, designers and craftsmen that are passionate about making artifacts of life borne of material and function. Art is an amazing thing that allows us to explore the facets of life that are not clear or easily understood. Design, on the other hand, helps us make sense of life’s processes and apply that acuity in tangible ways. Often these two disciplines appear to be at odds with one another, but we do not believe that this has to be. We find that these two disciplines compliment each other beautifully. Our work is an investigation of this relationship.




the bronze wave

Teahupo’o was borne of innovation and utility; creative vision and material adeptness. It is an exploration of the dynamic relationship of life and the creative spirit. Beginning in one place and allowing the process to influence and effect the outcome. There are times to control your work as a tyrant and times to let it run; this piece was an exercise of balance between these extremes.

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